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EECP Reduce covid-19


EECP Helps Reduce Symptoms Of COVID-19

How many people in your life had or have COVID-19? Maybe you got it several times and now have what’s called, long COVID symptoms.

When we say “long COVID,” we refer to the symptoms that last for weeks; sometimes months and years! Some people continue to lack their sense of taste or smell after more than two years of having COVID.

Other long-haul COVID symptoms may include feelings of fatigue, trouble with breath, often experiencing the inability to take a deep breath, some pain in the chest, anxiety and depression and even a residual cough with a muddled brain.

EECP May Help Address Long-Haul COVID-19

At Soulaire Wellness, we offer a lifestyle therapy called Soulaire Circulation also known as EECP. When we break down the meaning of EECP, it becomes Enhanced External Counterpulsation, a long name for a squeeze therapy that helps circulate blood flow throughout the body.

Essentially, one session at Soulaire Wellness provides passive exercise for the heart and helps the heart reduce its workload.

Here’s how:

EECP Benefits to COVID-19 Symptoms

EECP launched in the 1960s at Harvard University and then was improved by Chinese scientists before returning to the US as a popular non-surgical cardiovascular therapy. Clinical studies prove the ability of EECP to address angina pectoris and also as a help for coronary artery disease.

There are a variety of additional benefits of EECP therapy delivers, and some may directly help long-haul COVID symptoms. 

Imagine if your body has two hearts pumping; certainly, your circulation benefits, your organs benefit, and your overall energy levels benefit. While you’re receiving EECP treatment, essentially, two hearts are helping to circulate blood flow throughout the body.

Symptoms of Fatigue Fall Aaway; Endurance Increases; Stamina Improves.

People with extended COVID-19 symptoms feel greater fatigue. If they were to contact Soulaire Wellness to schedule a free trial of EECP therapy, then they would realize just how well EECP works on reducing fatigue and enhancing circulation and blood flow throughout the circulatory system.

We also know that EECP helps improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction and restless leg syndrome, as well.